Passover 2023

Let’s celebrate Passover!

Evening of Wednesday, April 5 – Evening of Thursday, April 13

Israel’s redemption from slavery through the blood of the Passover lamb is not only one of the central narratives of the Hebrew Scriptures, it also paints a powerful portrait of the Messiah who was to come.

On the evening of Wednesday, April 5, we will be observing the Passover with a Seder Dinner. To find out what you need to hold your own Seder Dinner, view the resources below!

Passover (Pesach) commemorates an important historical moment in the lives of the Hebrew people that we partake in and remember every year through its symbols. Yet, Passover is not a stand-alone example of God’s redemptive power. God has continually and faithfully delivered His people—from exile in Babylon, and countless other instances. The Passover symbols remind us of God’s continued presence with us and the hope we have in Messiah.

Passover Guide

Find what supplies you will need to celebrate Passover in the guide below!