Out of The Divide

We would love for you (and your spouse, if you choose) to send us a quick video mentioning:

  • Your name(s) and what you do in the church
  • Your Church name
  • An encouraging word to our congregation about our event, “Out of the Divide”.

If you decide to do the video with your cell phone or mobile device, we ask that you record it in landscape position so all of the videos will be uniformed. Then, upload it below!

Out Of The Divide Partnership

  • Upload Your Video Here!

    Send us your Out Of The Divide support video here:
  • Social Media/Outside Platform Consent

    We will play your video in our Out of the Divide service on November 3. It will not be used on social media or any other platforms without your consent! Let us know if it will be acceptable to use your video on other platforms outside of service if applicable.